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Tyre Protector manufactures and distributes Formula XFormula X is a Tyre Protector Product

Formula-X will effectively:-

  • Protect tyres against punctures for the life of the tyre.
  • Improve fuel efficiency.
  • Extend tyre life.
  • Maintain correct air pressure.
  • Reduce downtime & Save YOU money

As a direction result of the continuing success and expansion of Tyre Protector, Formula-X, a self install tyre sealant that will permanently protect your tyres against punctures is now available.

At best punctures are inconvenient, time consuming and an unnecessary expense. At worst they can be dangerous to the extent of being life threatening. Thanks to Tyre Protector and Formula-X, the majority are now avoidable.


Formula-X is available in two grades "Home User" and "Heavy Duty". More information about each product can be found by using the navigation buttons on the left.

For less than the cost of a single puncture repair Formula-X will permanently protect your tyres for the legal life of the tyre.

Formula-X can be purchased from Tyre Protector franchisees, distributors or online from this site.

Manufactured by TYRE PROTECTOR INDUSTRIES LIMITED. The puncture protection specialists and manufacturers of the Worlds most effective tyre sealant.

If you would like to distribute Formula-X please forward your details via the "contact us" section of this site.

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