Interior Detail

An interior detail consist of a thorough clean of all of the cars interior where every little nook and cranny receives a thorough clean.

Various tools are used to perform this task which include wet vac, steam cleaner,various brushes ranging in different sizes. Different cleaning chemicals are used none of which can cause any damage to the cars interior.

Once everything has been cleaned then a dressing or sealant is added to protect and bring the interior back up to showroom condition or as near as is possible.

Prices vary depending on the condition of the car and also the customers requirements.

A interior detail can take anything from 3 to 6 hours.

Paintwork Correction

From £200 1-5 days work

Ceramic wax and Ceramic sealant available

  • Pre detail inspection
  • Pre rinse to remove loose dirt
  • Full vehicle citrus wash
  • Full vehicle snowfoam and all intricate parts agitated to loosen dirt
  • Vehicle washed using 2 bucket method and lambswool mitt
  • All wheels washed using ph neutral wheel cleaner
  • Wheel arches cleaned
  • Vehicle hand dried using drying towels
  • Bonded iron contaminants removed using de ironizer
  • Tar removed using tar remover
  • Full vehicle clay bar
  • Vehicle rinsed and re washed
  • Vehicle wiped down with IPA
  • Plastics and trims taped up and sealed up
  • Paintwork machine polished with the least abrasive polish to achieve correction
  • Paintwork machine polished with secondary polish to increase gloss and achieve maximum shine
  • Paintwork wiped down
  • Paintwork glazed to add shine and fill any light swirls
  • Car wax or sealant of your choice added to protect paintwork
  • Rubbers and trims sealed
  • Wheels Sealed
  • Tyre dressing added
  • Final wipe down of vehicle using gloss enhancer
Machine Polishing

We offer a variety of machine polishing services. Start from a light single stage polish to bring out the gloss in your vehicle upto intense 3 stage machine polishing to deal with light scratches and swirls.

Price depends on the amount of time needed for the machine polish and quotes are given once the vehicle has been seen.

New Car Treatment
  • Pre detail total inspection.
  • Rinse to remove any loose dirt
  • Full citrus wash of the vehicle
  • Full snowfoam wash of the vehicle with all intricate parts of the car agitated to loosen dirt.
  • All wheels washed using PH Neutral products
  • Wheel arches washed
  • Vehicle washed using the 2 bucket method and lambswool mitt
  • Vehicle Hand Dried using microfibre drying towels
  • Iron contaminants removed using de ironizer
  • Tar removed using Tar remover
  • Any further contaminants removed with a full clay bar of the vehicle
  • Paintwork cleaned down using IPA
  • Vehicle paintwork sealed using your choice of wax
  • Wheel sealant applied
  • Glass sealant applied if required
  • Final wipe down using a Gloss enhancer
  • Tyre Dressing applied

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